IABC launches new corporate membership packages

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An organization that supports their communication professionals elevates the standard of professional communication within their organization and benefits from improved organizational communication effectiveness – which impacts key strategic initiatives and drives business results.

Did you know?

• Improvement in communication effectiveness is associated with a 29.5% increase in market value.
• United Airlines lost nearly US $1 billion in market capitalization after its 2017 violent customer incident; poor initial crisis communication response was partially to blame.
• PR generates lead conversion rates 10 to 50 times that of advertising conversions.
• Employees who have access to professional development are 15% more engaged in their jobs and perform at consistently high levels.
• Employees with professional development opportunities have 34% higher retention.

New corporate membership packages

With this in mind, IABC has just launched three different corporate membership packages based on the size of the organization: Corporate Community, Corporate Advantage and Corporate Enterprise.
Corporate Community
Corporate Advantage
Corporate Enterprise

See, at a glance, how these three packages compare.

In addition to these three options, custom corporate membership packages are available for organizations with teams of more than 100 communication employees.

Small group organizational memberships of five to ten members from one company may be purchased at a 15 per cent discount on regular international dues and include all of the benefits of individual membership.

Transition for current corporate members

We understand that not all current corporate members will be ready to convert to one of the new programs right away. IABC International has built some flexibility into the transition process by providing two options for corporate membership renewal for the next year. When your company’s membership next comes due for renewal, you may choose to either:
1. Convert your corporate membership to one of the new program packages. OR
2. Renew the corporate membership for one more year under the old program structure.

The renewal communication and invoice you receive from IABC will provide instructions for either option. Keep in mind, though, the old program structure does not include many of the valuable benefits included in the new packages.

Should you wish to access the enhanced value of one of the new corporate membership packages right away, IABC would be happy to help with that. Just contact and they’ll walk you through the process.

Nine ways and IABC corporate membership can help advance your team

Resources offered through an IABC Corporate Membership will help advance you and your team by:
1. Elevating the standard of professional communication in your organization.
2. Improving employee engagement and retention—committed, engaged employees are more productive and efficient.
3. Learning business-building ideas and best practices through peer-to-peer networking and knowledge sharing among a global community of communication professionals.
4. Accessing communication trends and critical developments impacting organizational communication practices which can help ensure your business’s voice remains relevant, informed and proactive.
5. Increasing effectiveness in your communication team’s work and improved business results for your organization.
6. Training and continuing professional education for your entire communication team right from their desktop—no travel and hotel costs to account for.
7. Empowering your senior-level communication team members to work on the leading edge of innovation in the field, increasing your organization’s global influence and business results.
8. Creating effective and efficient communication by improving collaboration and strengthening partnerships among your communication team and with internal and external stakeholders.
9. Providing a high level of confidence among senior leadership knowing that your corporate communication team is highly trained, credentialed and prepared to support key business strategies and initiatives.

Invested communication teams get member-only access to communication-focused content including research, award-winning case studies, best practice work plans, e-books, monthly webinars and unlimited access to IABC Academy.

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