IABC Accreditation: Changes under way

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IABC Accreditation – the “ABC” or Accredited Business Communicator designation – has been the professional standard of excellence for 40 years.

IABC London is proud to have 14 members who have acquired the ABC. These leaders uphold the highest standards in strategic communications and have proven their skills and knowledge among an international community of peers.

However, with rapid changes in our profession, IABC International is making significant changes to career development opportunities for communicators worldwide.

This means the Accreditation program has come to an end. The final group of ABCs acquired the designation in September 2013.

A new certification program is expected to launch at the IABC World Conference in Toronto in June 2014, where there will also be a celebration of 40 years of the ABC. A certification council is being formed now to oversee the final development of the program.

The goal is for the new IABC Certification Program to become the international professional standard, and will be open to both IABC members and non-members.

Many ABCs and IABC leaders have provided feedback on the proposed program over the past nine months. The certification council – comprised of both IABC members and non-members – will be the governing body for the program and make final decisions regarding processes, procedures, and content.

ABCs will retain the ABC designation (under current requirements) and the organization will continue to recognize this substantial professional achievement.

The certification council will determine if ABCs may be exempt from some parts of the new process as details of the proposed program are finalized.

We will continue to keep our members up-to-date with details. In the meantime, feel free to contact me with questions.

Kris Dundas
ABC, Director Accreditation
519-661-2111 ext.81064

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