Creativity for Communicators and Marketers

  • 5:30 PM

When: Tuesday, March 22nd, 5:30 p.m.
Where: London Wine Bar, 420 Talbot Street
Tickets: $20 Students | $25 Members | $35 Non-members

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Staying creative in the action-packed and often chaotic marketing and communications industry can prove to be a challenge. Not to mention the dozens of projects we all work on every year — How do you keep the creative juices flowing towards the next innovative idea? How do you keep your creative team motivated?

On March 22nd, our speakers will offer insight into regular practices and resources that can make thinking outside the box a little bit easier when searching for new ideas.

Join us and learn how to make creativity a priority!

Our Speakers

Jesse Gibb R.G.D. and Art Director at Carve Design

After a 12 year stint running a solo design shop, Jesse signed on as Art Director at the small but mighty Carve. There, he has been an integral player in the development of brand identities for a range of clients. Whether it’s a hotdog cart or a growing credit union, he relishes the challenge that comes with learning the specifics of a client’s business, assessing its needs, and that buzz that always comes with finding the right design solution.

Tony Soares, Account Director, adHOME Creative

I’ve been in account services for 14 years and my job is to guide clients into new territory. Using strategies to tell their story in a different way can sometimes be uncomfortable, but in my experience, it produces engaging and entertaining results. I know I’ve done my job when I help create a positive impact on brands and exceed sales objectives.