Resources offered by IABC International

The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) is a global network of communication professionals committed to improving organizational effectiveness through strategic business communication. IABC advances the careers of communicators across the globe. Established in 1970, IABC serves members working in a wide variety of industries in 80 countries, helping them to make a bigger impact at work, uncover opportunities in the hidden job market, enhance their skills and expand their social network.

Who are IABC Members?

IABC Code of Ethics for Professional Communicators

Because hundreds of thousands of business communicators worldwide engage in activities that affect the lives of millions of people, and because this power carries with it significant social responsibilities, IABC developed the Code of Ethics for Professional Communicators.

The Code is based on three different yet interrelated principles of professional communication that apply throughout the world. These principles assume that just societies are governed by a profound respect for human rights and the rule of law; that ethics, the criteria for determining what is right and wrong, can be agreed upon by members of an organization; and, that understanding matters of taste requires sensitivity to cultural norms.


A wide range of resources are available to IABC’s international community. Search by topic or keyword to find the information you need to learn about industry trends and ways to apply best practices in strategic business communication.

CW: Communication World Magazine

Communication World (CW), the digital magazine of IABC, is a must-read publication for communication professionals worldwide. CW covers the latest in communication trends, practice and research through in-depth reports, how-to articles and insightful interviews.

Professional Development

Tap into professional development, recognition and learning opportunities that will elevate your career, expand your knowledge and give you the critical edge you need to succeed. Built on a peer-created Global Standard and a Career Road Map for communication professionals, IABC’s professional development programs offer a variety of outstanding opportunities for life-long career growth.


The Academy delivers strategic communication education and training, to help communication professionals advance in their careers and generate tangible business results for their organizations and clients.

Take advantage of educational offerings from the IABC Academy, including online workshops that offer key knowledge and vital skill-building tools. Regularly scheduled webinars provide you with strategies for addressing current and emerging issues facing communication professionals today (free with IABC membership). Learn more.


IABC’s popular Job Centre offers positions from all over the world, at every level and from all industries. The most recent postings are open to members only.


IABC’s career centre provides tools and coaching to help you find your next opportunity.

Content Library

Hundreds of sites offer career advice. Our coaches have searched out the best of these and selected their favorite articles to include in our Content Library. Topics range from interviewing tips to effective resumes and cover letters to finding the job that best fits you. We urge you to take advantage of this resource – library access is FREE.

Ask the Experts

Questions about your job search? Ask IABC’s career experts and get the edge you

need. Our coaches make every attempt to answer your questions within one business

day. Some frequently asked questions:

  • What do I say when asked in an interview, “Tell me about yourself”?
  • How do I respond when the employer asks, “What are your salary
  • requirements”?
  • How can I develop a network? I just don’t know that many people!
  • I send out resumes but never get interviews. What am I doing wrong?
  • How long should I wait after an interview to hear from an employer?

Career Coaching

Your career search deserves a professional career coach – someone dedicated to your success. If your search seems stalled, your resume isn’t attracting the offers you’re hoping for, or you need help reaffirming your goals and strengths, consider enlisting the help of a trained expert.

What is a coach? A coach is a catalyst and a partner, providing support in your job search and guiding you toward your professional success and fulfillment. Career coaches are trained in all areas of career development and transition and can help you identify your values, interests, personal preferences, abilities, accomplishments, and work style. They work independently with job seekers from every profession, in any location, and at every stage of their careers.

A career coach will also assist you with resume development, organization research, interviewing, salary negotiation, networking and long-term planning. Career coaches are trained to listen, respond, and develop strategies that fit each individual job seeker’s needs. Our coaches have helped thousands of people secure their first job, advance in their field, transition to a new career, start a business, and plan for retirement.


It’s not enough to have communication that supports your organization, you need a strategy that delivers on the bottom line. That’s where the IABC World Conference comes in – we bring leading-edge knowledge and trends to life. Our approach respects traditional forms of communication, but our focus is to challenge communication professionals to step up and navigate through a changing world with innovative ideas to engage customers, motivate employees and elevate your brand.

At the World Conference, participants are informed with real-life examples that work—drawing from principles that represent IABC’s Global Standard of excellence in communication. The return on investment is solid and the value can’t be matched.