What Are You Worth?

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Liisa Sheldrick, Past-President IABC/London

Show me the Metrics!The next time you have a performance review. The next time you need more budget. The next time you want to hire a new member of your team. The next time you negotiate your salary.

Will you be able to demonstrate the value your communications work brings to your organization? What are you worth? (And, I’m not talking about this weird website.)

Simply put, measurement matters. Corporate communications is no different from any other business function. The ability to determine and provide legitimate metrics for communications ROI will earn management’s respect and garner a fair share of company resources for future communications initiatives. The language of numbers may not come naturally to all professional communicators, but learning to speak it will pay in the long run.

Starting October 22, 2014, IABC is offering a 6-week online workshop: Prove Your Worth with Communication Research and Measurement. Learn from one of the best, Angela Sinickas, how to demonstrate the value that communication brings to your organization.

In the weekly workshops, Angela will present an array of assessment techniques and begin developing practical communication measurement tools to evaluate your own organization’s messages, channels, and communication outcomes. The cost is discounted for members, but the workshop is available to anyone interested.

Angela Sinickas, ABC, is a measurement expert and CEO of Sinickas Communications, Inc., an international management consultancy focusing on communication effectiveness research and strategy. She has been measuring the effectiveness of communication since 1981. Angela’s work has been recognized with 18 Gold Quill awards from IABC, five of them for measurement, two of them for her web site,, and one for her Measurement Works newsletter. She was named a Fellow of IABC in 2008.

Visit for this and other online workshops available.
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