While some things have changed, many still remain the same

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This may seem somewhat counterintuitive as we come to terms with adapting to how much our lives and organizations will, and have already changed, as a result of the coronavirus. However, much like the familiarity and normality we seek in our personal lives, we also know that the continued success, and growth of the organizations we work for rely on meeting some fundamental needs. 

For organizations of all sizes, and across all industries, one of those needs is the ability to be able to recruit energetic, qualified, and experienced communicators. Having team members who are able to strategize and deliver articulate, informative, and engaging communications is crucial to any organization’s success in the best of times. It is even more critical in periods of uncertainty. 

As companies work to accommodate current staffing demands, and look towards what they will require in the near future, reclaiming some control over that uncertainty means having confidence in the quality and experience of the talent their organization is able to attract. 

IABC London’s Job Board has featured postings for positions ranging from Development Writers to Communications Consultants to Brand Strategists – and even volunteer positions for different community or social organizations. Plus, with regular e-blasts sent out to our members to promote each job posting, and a historical average of 200 views per online job posting, our site is an ideal resource for organizations to connect with that talent. In addition to being featured on our website,, each position is included in our Twitter feed, and our IABC London LinkedIn page.

If you’re looking to reach a qualified group of communications professionals, consider posting a job on our Job Board, and put your posting in front of the people you want to see it. Plus, being an IABC member has its perks! Include your name and membership number (or that of a member of your team) to receive a discounted price of $150, or $100 for a “new communicator” position.

I encourage you to visit to submit your job posting today. As you begin revving up to recruit new talent to your organization, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, Jaye Bowers, IABC London’s Job Board Liaison at with any questions you may have, or if there is anything I can do to help promote your organization’s job posting to the IABC London community!

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