The Marketing Department and why communication is the key to London’s greatness

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by Trevor DeHaan

What is it that makes London one of the most exciting cities in Ontario for business?

David Cliche says, as CEO and President of The Marketing Department, that communication is what has elevated London far beyond what one would expect for a city of this size in the world of business and communications.

“London is unique in that, you have a smaller overall community, but that community works and performs to such a high level. We play with the big boys, and we win.”

David and his company know what it means to be a part of London’s success in the business communications realm. The Marketing Department (TMD) is a strategic marketing and communications firm headquartered here in London. Focused on developing strong client relationships, TMD works with clients to identify and achieve business, marketing, and communications goals through passion, dedication, and creativity.

“When we work with a business, we become an extension of that business – an integral piece of their plan, and ultimately their success” says David, who firmly believes that London’s business and communications community is a vital part of TMD’s – and truly all London-based communicators’ – achievements.

“We’re [London] a robust microcosm of a global economy here, and we get all of the benefits that come along with that”.

TMD believes that London is a special place, and it’s held together by the groups and businesses that have created such a strong community of support, competition, and most importantly: communication.

“London sees so many disciplines come together to build a business community that stands toe-to-toe with the big players from Toronto or elsewhere, and communication is what binds those disciplines together to succeed.”

David explains that through organizations like IABC, London’s communications professionals stay connected, and can work together to foster a greater community that values a strong, genuine, and ethical approach to business and communications.

David and his team at TMD are incredibly proud to be pieces of this greater community, and are thrilled to be silver-level design sponsors for IABC London’s Ruby Jubilee, as well as sponsors of the student award for achievement in the Graphic Design Advanced Diploma Program. To learn more about TMD visit

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