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June is an exciting time for students as they embark on the next chapter in their professional careers. IABC London’s Ruby Jubilee recognized four students between Fanshawe and Western for their academic excellence in the field of communications. With the next generation of communicators entering the industry, here’s what they had to say about their experience as students and their aspirations for the future:

Canada Life Student Award of Excellence – Kelsey King

“I like to think that I’m a hard worker and strive to achieve success in many areas of my life. I have never worked harder academically than in this program,” says Kelsey King, a recent graduate of the Public Relations – Corporate Communications postgraduate program at Fanshawe College. To Kelsey, receiving the Canada Life Student Award of Excellence means her hard work has paid off and her pursuit of progressing her education has come to fruition.

While most people refer to five-year or ten-year plans, Kelsey has never really subscribed to that doctrine. The best things she has experienced in life often result from her being open minded, saying “yes” to new opportunities and connecting with the right people. For the future, Kelsey’s goals are to be happy, comfortably successful and constantly learning and growing in the field of marketing and communications. She’s not married to working in any one sector and hopes to gain experience in the field by working for a variety of different organizations.

Canada Life Leadership Award – Chantal Quagliara

To Chantal Quagliara, also a recent graduate of Fanshawe’s Public Relations – Corporate Communications postgraduate program, winning the Canada Life Leadership Award is an incredible honour and a literal demonstration of what can be accomplished through hard work, persistence and dedication.

“I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in 2010 and though it was something I had always wanted to do, I was anxious about returning to post-secondary education at age 30. This award adds another interesting chapter to my ongoing story, which I hope can inspire others to push fear aside and pursue their passions,” says Quagliara.

For the future, her goals include becoming fluent in French and obtaining her French as a Second Language (FSL) Certificate. She believes in lifelong learning and the importance of continuing to challenge oneself. Following her internship at King’s University College, Chantal hopes to further her communications career within the education sector.

“I can’t honestly see where my career in communications is headed and that’s what I like about it and why I wanted to pursue a career in public relations-corporate communications. There are so many options in a wide variety of sectors that can take my career in communications down a number of different paths”.

From left, Chantel Quagliara and Kelsey King

TMD Award for Academic Excellence in Graphic Design – Kaitlin Arts

Kaitlin Arts is a recent graduate of Fanshawe College’s Graphic Design advanced diploma program and the recipient of the TMD Award for Academic Excellence in Graphic Design.

“I feel honoured to be recognized for my hard work and dedication by winning the TMD Award for Academic Excellence in Graphic Design. I’m truly thankful for the opportunity TMD provided me to attend the IABC Ruby Jubilee, represent Fanshawe College and share in the success of the other award recipients. It was a wonderful experience to share the moment with those closest to me and who have supported me along the way,” says Arts.

For the future, Arts hopes to work on a team where she can learn, grow and create while building strong relationships. Ultimately her career goal is to be able to communicate her work through a diverse group of businesses and individuals in a positive and innovative way.

Kaitlin Arts

IABC London Award – Alicia Baertsoen

Alicia Baertsoen, a recent graduate of the Public Relations diploma program at Western University Continuing Studies, has a passion for communications and a love of Western.

“It’s always nice when hard work pays off. It was a wonderful night of celebration with so many people I look up to,” says Alicia.

She looks forward to growing as a communicator and has joined the team at Durrel Communications as a Media and Public Relations Specialist. “I think working in an agency environment offers an opportunity to learn quickly from coworkers who are very skilled at what they do. Down the line, my goal is to become a leader in the field and inspire others to make a difference through communication.”

Congratulations to all four award recipients. IABC London wishes them the best of luck as they enter this exciting next chapter as Communicators!

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