Speak To The Snowflakes

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By: Nathalie Noel, adHOME Creative

We’re all unique snowflakes. We each have different needs and are at different stages of our lives. The same is true of our customers and clients. Some are tried and true regulars. Others are newbies who are just dipping their toes in what we have to offer. We know this, but we don’t always remember to communicate with them based on this.

Even Deepak and Oprah aren’t doing it right. Despite the fact that I signed up for one of their 3-week meditation programs, I still got weekly emails right up to the start date encouraging me to register. (You shouldn’t be irked by emails about meditation.) Deepak. Dude. I did register. You sent me a confirmation email, remember? No need to persist with the needless emails cluttering my inbox. You had me at ‘Welcome’.

We all have a deep, innate desire to feel special. When we all get the same message regardless of our status or relationship with you, it’s like you’re not hearing us; and that’s [sad face].

This summer I managed a website build and launch for one of our adHOME clients that showed we were honouring and hearing their snowflakes. A user-focused website if you will.

The website is for Maple Leaf Foodservice’s national loyalty program called Indulge Rewards. The program is for operators of small restaurants, bars, cafés, and the like. Members earn points by buying Maple Leaf products, which they then trade in for a variety of items like gift cards, restaurant equipment and electronics.

Each Indulge Rewards member is at a different stage. Some are brand new and need to know how to get started. Others are well in the swing of things and have a whack of points they could trade in for some cool stuff. A few were on a roll earning points but have gone quiet. They need a friendly nudge to see what’s up.

When a member logs into the new Indulge website, they’re greeted with custom messages and widgets. What they see depends on what stage they are in the program, their level of activity and how many points they have. We connect with them outside the website too. Emails with helpful info about their status and points are sent to members, but only messages that are relevant to them. A member who religiously earns points isn’t going to be sent a message to “get earning” but a member who’s gone MIA for several months is. Our ultimate goal is to help members get the most out of the program. Keep the forward momentum to buy more product > earn more points > get cool stuff > buy more food > earn more points > get cool stuff >>> (repeat)

With Indulge, we don’t want to sign people up and walk away and we also don’t want to clump all those snowflakes together and create one big slushy, irrelevant mess. To help reach our communications and business goals, we as communicators and marketers need to try harder to meet people where they are.

adHOME nathalie-noëlNathalie Noël is a strategic and creative communicator with over 14 years of experience in the nonprofit and agency sectors. She’s an Account Supervisor at adHOME Creative.

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