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What are you doing on June 4? Heading to golf? Training for a half-marathon? Team meeting? However you answered, you are wrong. The right answer is “I am attending the Virtuoso awards!”

With temperatures approaching absolute zero and snow covering the ground, June seems a long way off, but before you know it we will be toasting the region’s finest communications work and talent.

Over the coming weeks you will receive more information about the event and resources will be made available making it even easier to submit. I encourage you to check out the recently revamped site, and to consider submitting examples of your finest work.

A talented and dedicated team of volunteers have been meeting for months preparing every last details and the event. Many thanks to Vanessa Dolishny and Lisa Baldock for leading the way and to the following volunteers:

  • Julie Kiser
  • Tori Laird
  • Tracy Bucholtz
  • Kaleigh Rodgers
  • Andrea Lukac
  • Maya Nikolovski
  • Joyce Kmith
  • Calista Powell
  • Jeannette Palmer
  • Andrea Henderson
  • Agnes Chick
  • Lindsay Palerma
  • Ann Jolliffe
  • Andrew Kaszowski
  • Tristan Joseph

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