Reflections of the holiday season: taking care of ourselves so that 2019 can be a wonderful year of excitement!

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At this very special time of year, the word pause resonates more deeply than ever – and for good reason. We all work hard in our professional and personal lives. There are countless demands on us for time, knowledge and effort. Without taking the time to nurture ourselves inside, we cannot possibly sustain the positive impact we give outside ourselves. Therefore, it is my sincerest hope that this holiday season and the marking of a New Year allows you the time to pause and recharge and truly nurture your own wellness so that you can be your best self to the world around you.

On the theme of taking care of yourself and others, it is appropriate to reflect on the way that communications professionals – and the industry as a whole – can make a positive impact on the lives of those who are under-represented in our world. Our co-director of Professional Development, Kerri Loudoun, wrote a brilliant reflection on some recent efforts by the industry to work harder to be inclusive and diverse. This coincides nicely with IABC’s newly-released Diversity and Inclusion Statement and Code of Conduct for the industry of professional communication. IABC London upholds this standard, and all IABC members are committed to this as well.

We have a lot to look forward to in 2019. In addition to a full roster of Professional Development activities, IABC London will be busy with activities that help you “Learn. Connect. Celebrate.” We will be offering a CMP/SCMP Certification Exam session in London in the spring. We will be engaging deeply with all of you for input and learning about your opinion and desires for project-based awards recognition through our Virtuoso Awards review process, which will include an interactive think-tank session in the spring as well.

And we are beyond thrilled to celebrate with our entire IABC London community the 40th anniversary of our chapter’s founding. We’ll pop the cork on a year-long commemoration: both retrospective of our community’s successes and forward-thinking of our impact on the future of our profession. The highlight will be a 40th anniversary celebration party on June 6, 2019!

Phew, lots of activity! It’s so vitally important that to make the New Year successful, we take the opportunity to pause and reflect. Here is my reflection for the holidays:

Communication can be a force for good in our world and in the way we engage with our audiences – whether they are personal/individual audiences or broader audiences. It is my wish for you this holiday that your positive impact… your force for good… may be recharged.

Best of the Season!

Andrew Kaszowski, President, IABC London

Above: On Dec. 11, IABC Board members and volunteers gathered for the final board meeting and to celebrate the hard work that has been put into making this year at IABC London so successful. Wishing you all the best during this holiday season!

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