Monetizing Social Media = Opportunities for Communicators

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By: Mark Brown, Partner, adHOME

monetize-twitterThe conversation around social media has shifted as major platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, have made the transition from private to public companies. Their imperative now is to monetize their platforms and drive quarterly results. This shift presents new opportunities for communicators and marketers to target millions of social media users – in new, highly efficient and cost-effective ways.

We’ve achieved success for our clients by including Facebook advertising as part of integrated digital campaigns. With the cost-per-click (CPC) advertising model, where advertisers are only charged when someone clicks on their ad, Facebook has become an equalizer allowing small businesses to compete in the same space with large advertisers.

And, what’s more, Facebook offers unparalleled audience segmenting and targeting opportunities – by geography, gender, age, marital status or even by specific interests.

Twitter advertising follows a similar model and, with the introduction of CPC ads for Canadian advertisers in January, the platform has now also become a viable tool for small businesses.

As this trend continues, we suspect that other social media networks will follow suit. Instagram introduced sponsored images in late 2013, and speculation has been swirling around the popular photo messaging mobile app, Snapchat, and how they will display ads to their growing user base.

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