Meet Our Feature Member, Sara Steers of Let’s Talk Science!

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Sara-SteersMember since…
Sara Steers joined IABC London seven years ago, but wanted to join much earlier. “When you are a charity, resources for memberships can be limited. I know I wanted to be a member years earlier.”

IABC Benefits
Sara enjoys coming to the professional development events for the new learning experiences and for the networking opportunities these events encourage. She also takes advantage of the job posting board for new job opportunities with Let’s Talk Science.

“Knowing there are resources that we can call upon when needed is a real benefit. It helps to stay abreast of new developments and trends.”

Business Role
Sara works in external communications with Let’s Talk Science, a national charitable organization that focuses on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education and outreach for youth development across Canada.

Within her role, Sara works on communication and fund development key messages for her national audience. “We focus on communicating and reporting on the difference that we make to children, inspiring them through STEM and preparing them for their future careers and roles as citizens.”

Sara is also part of the management team, where she focuses on strategy, planning, budgets, team development, and organizational performance. She likes to stay involved in new initiatives and large projects, including publishing reports called Spotlight on Science Learning.

“It unites both fund development and communications because we have one amazing and significant sponsor. Amgen Canada is responsible for creating these reports that are strategic, but also used generate media interest and increase the profile of our work and why it matters.”

Communication Passion
There are two areas in communications where Sara is passionate about, and she interconnects them to make a truly personal and unique experience.

“I am most passionate about how you tell the story and the impact of the story.”

Sara includes a variety of visual elements to her stories, including videos and tweets. Her second communication passion is a little more abstract – Sara calls it “connecting the dots.”

“I am a lateral thinker and ideas are often expressed in the ways we ‘connect the dots’ for our audiences.”

Career Achievement
Sara and Let’s Talk Science have reason to celebrate. The launch of their new national website won a Silver W3 award this year, and Sara is very proud of their achievement.

“[The website] is a unique communication tool in that it communicates so much about your brand, culture and yet it takes a team effort drawing together different kinds of expertise from project management to writing to usability and content management. It takes time from the creative brief to testing and launch.”

Advice for New Communicators
“Make new friends but keep the old; one is silver and the other is gold.”

That is the motto that Sara uses to describe building skills and to building relationships. For anyone that’s interested in pursuing a career in communications, there are so many positive aspects and great opportunities.

“It is a dynamic field, it engages your senses and feelings, it inspires, it pushes the creative juices on an ongoing basis.”

So very true, Sara!

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  1. Kris Dundas Posted on December 17, 2015 at 10:46 am

    Great to see this profile Sara! Inspiring words for young communicators.

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