Meet Jacqueline Sullivan – IABC London’s First CMP

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Meet Jacqueline Sullivan – IABC London’s First CMP

What is the CMP Certification?

The Global Communication Certification Council (GCCC®) has based its Communication Management Professional (CMP) certification program, including the continuing professional development requirement, on the Global Standard for communication professionals set forth by IABC. Applying that standard enables the GCCC to cross all borders, align with diverse cultures, and effectively serve organizations of all types and sizes.

Certification is intended to support you throughout your career. The GCCC has identified roles, responsibilities and competencies for four broad career levels: Foundational, Communication Management Professional, Strategic Adviser, and Business Leader. At this time, only the Communication Management Professional certification is available. Read more about the CMP certification program here.

About Jacqueline Sullivan

Jacqueline is the Manager of London Life’s talented team of marketing communications specialists supporting their individual insurance and wealth management products and three advisor channels. She has worked at London Life for 18 years. Great-West Life, London Life, Canada Life, Freedom 55 Financial, HelloLife and Quadrus Group of Funds are all brands her team supports. Her team’s mission is to make customers clearly understand their products and services, in order to help them make sound financial decisions for their futures and for their families.

Jacqueline is passionate about storytelling and believes sharp writing is important, no matter for what medium or what form it takes.

“I like the challenge of taking complicated content and making the messages relevant, clear, simple and easy to understand. This is a principle we’re working on right now as a financial services company.”


Becoming IABC London’s First CMP

After achieving her ABC designation and judging numerous IABC award programs, Jacqueline was eager to take on the challenge of the new CMP certification program. So, she decided to register for the New Orleans International Conference this year and wrote the exam while she was there. Her years of experience served her well in achieving the CMP certification. Jacqueline comments that, “what’s really fantastic – and challenging – about the new program is that it requires ongoing education credits each year. I’m taking advantage of Western Continuing Studies to help me.


Jacqueline joined IABC Toronto as a student when she was in the Humber College’s post-graduate public relations program. “My favourite teacher in that program was an IABC champion – thank you, Chris!”

The connections Jacqueline has made as an IABC Member have been the biggest benefit to her. Some of her most memorable experiences include, “being escorted on a private hike and picnic on the very edge of Canada outside of St. John’s, looking out over The Mall from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, dancing with abandon at a Canada party at the Top of the Rock in New York City, and singing songs on a balcony in the heart of Bourbon Street in New Orleans. All thanks to IABC people.”

Jacqueline is a firm believer that, when you give your volunteer energy and time to IABC, you get so much more back. She has also enjoyed taking advantage of some of the many resources IABC has to offer, such as the Academy’s webinars. “They’re cost effective and easy to set up.”

Proudest work achievement

“There have been so many achievements – big and small – it’s hard to choose one. Right now, I’m getting a ton of satisfaction from coaching and listening.” Jacqueline loves helping people think through their challenges and work out solutions or strategies to tackle them. “Most of the time, they know what the right answer is, but they just need to talk it through with someone they trust. I also love helping people work to their strengths and land in the right spot, so they can flourish. I have the pleasure of working with pretty fantastic people, so I get to learn from them, too,” she adds.

Jacqueline is also very proud of their team that won several IABC Gold Quill and Virtuoso Awards this year. We would also like to congratulate Laura Weedling, Kaleigh Rodgers, Sara Wilson, Bhaswati Ghosh and Angela Foresi for their outstanding work.

Advice for new communicators

“My advice is to participate, and say ‘yes’ when unexpected opportunities arise,” Jacqueline says.

“I would also add, don’t worry too much about landing the perfect job right away. Whatever you’re doing right now, focus on solid strategic communications thinking and be sure to add your own special value with every project and interaction. Don’t try to be ‘better’ than someone else, work more on how you’re ‘different’,” she concludes.

Congratulations on all your achievements, Jacqueline! We are very proud to have you as one of our IABC London Members and can’t wait to hear about the great work you do in the future.

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