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Carolyn Biskup, 2016 Communications Committee member

About Anthea

Anthea Rowe is an award-winning communications professional with experience in the private, public and non-profit sectors and owner of London-based communications firm, Anthea Rowe Communications. She’s passionate about community relations and corporate social responsibility as a strategic function of communications, and views the role of communications as a valuable way to strengthen brands, gain loyal customers and make a positive impact on the world.

Because of her diverse career in communications, Rowe has been exposed to many parts of organizations and believes that’s one of the benefits of her career path. “Communications work up and down, across departments, inside and outside their organizations. It’s exciting to see all the moving parts,” says Rowe.

A day in the life

Rowe spends her days consulting with clients who need help articulating ‘what’ they do and ‘why’ it matters. Whether it’s crafting a pitch and coaching them on delivery, or creating copy to describe their products and services, Rowe has done it all. As a professional with years of practice, she has important advice for future communicators, “Don’t stress about picking the right career path and employer now. Do whatever interests you. You’ll end up changing jobs, career paths, companies many times.”

Why she chooses IABC

As a member of IABC since 2003, Rowe enjoys the membership benefits she receives, especially her ability to connect with other communication professionals in other regions of North America. Through IABC, she’s been able to connect with seasoned professionals and niche specialists internationally. Furthering her involvement as a member, Rowe judges the IABC Pinnacle awards each year.

Proudest work achievement

With former boss Linda Quattrin, Rowe created an event series called Rush Hour Research. The event series brought together scientists, students and industry experts to showcase innovations in medical research. Rush Hour Research paved the way for donations and raised awareness in a new market by making complex research interesting and accessible.

Mentorship and community activism

Rowe is a founding member of a local cycling advocacy group, London Cycle Link. As an avid bike rider, Rowe believes everyone should feel safe when riding his or her bike in London and this initiative will help to make that possible. She is also an entrepreneur mentor for Brescia College’s Just Own it and W.E. Mean Business entrepreneurship conferences.

Anthea’s philosophy and advice worth remembering

  1. It’s important to be precise with your word.
  2. It’s possible to be a professional while still having fun.
  3. Trust is the fastest route to results.When you trust people and treat them with respect, they reward you with dedication and creativity.

Want to chat with Anthea? Connect with her on social media

Connect with Anthea Rowe on LinkedIn and follow her on Twitter at @anthea_Rowe.


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