Key Learnings from “Why Innovation Matters”

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Written by: Kattie Forbes

Our first professional development of the year, “Why Innovation Matters,”  took place on September 20th at Innovation Works London. The keynote speaker of the event Michelle Baldwin has shared her insights about the branding, communication and fundraising that went into the creation of the exciting hub of innovation.

Key takeaways from Michelle’s talk include:

  • Embrace community.
    Being innovative and bringing a vision to life requires social enterprise and collaboration on a communal level. Fundraising initiatives and projects are most transformative and effective when the community is involved. Utilizing multiple touch points makes the difference, and translates into crowd funding that is imperative when you have limited resources. Through strong community involvement, a stronger and more united community emerges.
  • Rise from the dark periods.
    In any project you take on, there is a chance of failure. However, there is no shame in that. Failure cannot define you, and it is only through tribulations that you learn what didn’t work, and what you can do better next time. What defines you is the ability to rise from the dark periods, and emerge with your best foot forward.
  • Get out of the way of good ideas.
    Being an active listener and allowing good ideas to emerge is innovation. Being a great leader in your business is knowing when to get out of the way of good ideas. Surround yourself with creative people who want to see great things happen in your business and our community and let them do what they know best.



“Why Innovation Matters” was a dynamic and insightful presentation, as well as a enjoyable way to kick off our 2016-2017 professional development season.

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