IABC welcomes new Gold Sponsor to Virtuoso

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IABC London is pleased to welcome Gotham Studios as an in-kind sponsor this year for video and photography services for the 2015 Virtuoso Awards.

Gotham Studios Logo“Why Gotham?’ is a question we hear a lot. It has to do with both the style of our work and who we are,” says Gotham founder Steven Domjancic.

Shortly after its conception in 2012 Gotham Studios was based in Taipei City, a sort of Gotham City in it’s own sense with all the skyscrapers and the fact that it gets dark so early everyday. “It gets dark around 6 pm in Taipei so there is a real nighttime culture.” Combine that with a cinematic, edgy style of photography and the name Gotham Studios makes perfect sense.

Gotham Studios, is now based in London Ontario, specializing in it’s own unique style of edgy high-impact photography and video production. “Boutique ‘indie creator’ photography & video production company is how I’d best describe us in a few words” says Domjancic. Portrait photography, commercial and product photography, promotional videos, short film & documentary are a few of the areas Gotham does really well. “We like to think of ourselves as story tellers. Whether it’s a character portrait or a commercial there is always a story to be told.”

A lot of it is about conversion rates. Competition is fierce these days, so when a prospect lands on your website you have a better chance of turning them from a prospect to a customer if you have beautiful photo and video content for them to digest. This isn’t a theory, its a fact, and business owners are finally seeing it. There really hasn’t been a better time to be in the content production business.

“We have a very talented and well rounded team,” says Chris Nowakowski, Gotham Studios co-founder and drone pilot. “Ever since I was a kid I wanted to be a pilot, but instead of flying airplanes I ended up piloting aerial drones for photography and video.” When asked how people react when they see the drone flying Nowakowski responds, “Some people are amazed, but smiles and curiosity mostly.”

Gotham Studios publishes their work on social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Vimeo and of course their website Make sure to check them out!

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