IABC London extends warm congratulations to Adam Veen, 2016 IABC London Award student winner

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Adam VeenTo promote excellence in the field of communications, IABC London sponsors and presents an award each year to one student from Western University. The winning applicant demonstrates aptitude and interested in corporate communications and public relations. The successful recipient is awarded based on academic performance, extracurricular involvement, interest in the field of business and creative communications, and career plan as a practitioner in the industry.

Having recently completed the Diploma in Public Relations at Western University’s Continuing Studies, Adam has been able to pursue his passion for design trends and effective communication.

“Having the opportunity to gain practical and academic knowledge through the PR program, I discovered a passion for utilizing creativity to help strengthen professional brands,” says Adam.

Based on this passion, he has volunteered with a number of committees in the community including the Sarnia-Lambton Chamber of Commerce, IABC London and Virtuoso Awards, fundraisers for the Village of Oil Springs.

Adam shares his experience of entering the communications field and being recognized by the IABC London community.

How do you feel about receiving the 2016 IABC London Award?

The public relations program was a fast paced, informative, and practical learning experience – it required a lot of effort and I was worried about whether I would be successful in this field. When I received the news that I would be the recipient of the IABC London Award, I was both surprised and validated. I was surprised because I know there were many students in my graduating class that share the same passion for their community and are making great efforts to contribute to the communication field. I felt validated that my efforts and commitment to become a successful public relations professional are leading me in the right direction.

Why did you decide to pursue a career in communications and public relations?

Upon the successful completion of my philosophy degree from Western University, I was trying to find a discipline that would take my diverse education and provide me with practical skills that would allow me to pursue a career that was both challenging and rewarding.

Where did you complete your internship as part of the program?

I took on an internship position at the Sarnia-Lambton Economic Partnership where I played a lead role in revitalizing a county-wide community brand. It was a daunting task for a student, but I have a genuine interest in branding and a real desire to help rural communities form a strong public voice. This work involved design, writing and presentation skills. I created promotional materials, planned professional development events, conducted committee meetings, assisted with federal funding applications and mediated group discussion boards. I feel fortunate to have gained all of this experience from one comprehensive internship.
The experience reaffirmed my belief that I want to help create effective communications for small organizations. The community outreach and networking opportunities the role provided allowed me to hone my communication skills. I want to continue working with organizations with similar convictions.

What are your hopes for your future in this field?

Although I have only recently entered the workforce with my new skills, it has been a rewarding experience and I have enjoyed every aspect of the public relations discipline. The networking experiences, invaluable life and career lessons, as well as the inescapable challenges have all made me want to continue this period of professional growth and development.

Everyone I have met, from the Western Continuing Studies staff, to the instructors, to fellow IABC members, have instilled in me a sense of passion for the discipline. When you meet people who share the same enthusiasm, it is hard not to get involved in the community and make the most of what you can offer. It would be my hope to one day have the same practical knowledge and confidence as some of my newly acquainted colleagues, so that I could pass on the same lessons they have taught me.

As a community and resource, IABC London is committed to investing in your future, supporting the area’s communications and creative professionals. Best wishes to Adam as he continues to build a successful career in the communications industry. Learn more about IABC’s award programs.

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