How IABC London’s board of directors created a Values Charter, and why that matters

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By Janic Gorayeb, Ripple Effect Leadership Consulting & Events

Recently I had the opportunity to facilitate a workshop with the board of directors for The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) London, Ontario and I would like to share my insights and reflections on this session. The goal of this workshop was to co-create a team charter and create a list of examples of how to transform IABC’s core values into actions.

Why is it valuable to co-create a team charter?
The theme of the workshop was “Building Group Values” – a charter of sorts to help this amazing group of volunteers build a culture of communication and collaboration. The true defining feature of a team charter is that it must be created and supported by every member of the group. The charter should also be a yardstick that can be held up against any activity considered or pursued by the group. It was inspiring to see so many passionate volunteers on the same page engaged and contributing to the dialogue and coming up with ways to support each other in their roles.

How does the process of collaborating with a team help members work better together?
When a team charter is created in-person with everyone’s input the group is energized and ownership becomes a natural part of the process. Going through this facilitated process allows team members to:

  • Create connection to the work and the team.
  • Support partnerships and a feeling that the work has meaning.
  • Take ownership of all the same principles.
  • Help define operations and manage roadblocks.
  • Create guidelines for how to communicate with each other.
  • Support a fun and lighthearted workplace / team.

These are but some examples of how to create a road map for any team’s success. When you invest the time to do a team charter, you will truly help the team be more successful.

Core Values! Team Charter! Guiding Principles! Oh My!
Whatever you call it, it’s good for the bottom line when a team has a charter created together. Remember that you want to create something not as an exercise but as a living document for the team to use as both a guide and a road map.

I felt honoured to be part of this creative process with the volunteer board members of IABC London. From feedback gathered since the workshop retreat, the volunteers have hit the ground running while utilizing their charter they created – cohesively as a team!


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