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Keyboard - golden key SuccessSubmitted by Matt Quin

While presenting at the Fanshawe CCPR program recently, the conversation focused on the value of an IABC membership. A major point of interest for the students is that of the resources available. Have you checked them out? If not, I encourage you to set aside time to explore. These resources aren’t just relevant for students; any member will find a great deal of value in this ever-changing repository.

Here are just a few of the items available with the click of a mouse:

This section is broken down into topics, leading you to the latest thoughts on what’s affecting today’s PR industry including :

§ Employee Communication
§ Public Relations
§ Strategy & Counsel
§ Marketing & Brand
§ Business Management
§ Skills Development
§ Future Trends

Whether you are looking for strategy inspiration, research to support a campaign, or a new industry connection, don’t overlook the IABC site as your solution. Colleagues from around the globe have come together to make it possibly one of the strongest collections available to communications professionals. Bookmark it and use it!

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