Your Digital Performance at a Glance

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Now more than ever, a company’s digital presence and online marketing activities are increasingly vital tools in driving business and building your brand with consumers. But things move fast and with no access to real-time digital data, it’s akin to stumbling around in the dark.

adHOME is very proud to announce the launch of their Digital Dashboard, providing the ability to keep track of your website metrics, social media stats and online advertising campaigns in one convenient place.

The adHOME Digital Dashboard will connect a company with their most important metrics, pulling and displaying information from several sources such as Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and even their email marketing platforms.

It’s a one-stop hub that will communicate data across your organization instantly, making digital easy to understand. Stay on top of every aspect of your business in one simple, attractive and password-protected interface.

Contact adHOME today about creating a digital dashboard for your organization. 519.672.9090

adHOME Digital Dashboard

Track website visits, number of followers, content engagement, ad impressions, click throughs, ad conversions and MORE

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