How to create an award-worthy Virtuoso submission

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By: Andrea Lukac

The clock is ticking.

A lot can change in 20 years from hairstyles, to music and technology (read ‘the Rachel’, Electric Circus on CITY-TV, and Windows 95). While it may be hard to remember (or imagine) what our jobs were like before Wi-Fi, Google or iPads, a communicator’s proviso to deliver strategic communications that drive business results remains unchanged.

As we mark 20 years of Virtuoso Awards, celebrate the value your work brings to your clients or organization by submitting your best work of the past year to the Virtuoso Awards. Read up on these helpful tips to create a strong entry, here.

  1. Select your project. All communications and creative professionals in Southwestern Ontario are eligible to submit. To be eligible, those submitting entries are required to have been the lead on the project. Entries must have been produced and implemented between January 1, 2014 and December 31, 2014. However, you may submit work produced before 2014 if the work and/or measurement extended into 2014. Learn about eligibility.
  2. Pick a category. There are four divisions that contain 47 categories, which cover a gamut of communications and creative areas. Categories range from ‘Social Media Programs’ to ‘Special Events’ projects to ‘Journalistic Writing’ to offer a range of opportunities for communicators to submit their work. Be sure to select an appropriate category, but feel free to connect with our coordinators for feedback. Click to view categories.
  3. Write a work plan. This is the fun part! Simply provide your communications plan in an executive summary format that easily outlines your project. You can summarize your project in a way that clarifies how you mapped things out and executed your project, while being mindful of the outlined specifications and formats.
  4. Gather your sample. Be sure to include supporting material that illustrates how you planned and implemented your communications program. The sample should represent the full scope of work. Be sure to read the rules and be mindful of the “size” specifications for submissions; as large boxes and products are ineligible. Full details here.
  5. Submit your entry. We’re not limited to the technologies that existed 20 years ago, so you can certainly submit electronically via CD or memory stick. However, we still do require one copy of the entry form and two printed copies of the work plan. Click here to learn more.

Additional tips for success: “To create an award winning entry, be sure to start working on your entry early! By starting early, you have time to revise and refine. It doesn’t hurt to run it by a few trusted colleagues for feedback as well. It’s also critical that measurement can be directly tied to the stated objectives, and you have to be able to measure why the project worked well or didn’t work well.”

– Melissa Beilhartz, 2014 ‘Best of the Best’ winner for Division 3 – Communication Skills (Cancer Care Close to home, South West Regional Cancer Program)

Don’t forget – Submit your entry before Friday March 6, 2015. For more information and resources visit the Virtuoso Awards website.

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