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A Marketing and Brand Management Specialist who’s built to help others matter more. 

The human we’re looking for:

  • Is open and collaborative;
  • Can generate their own ideas but also doesn’t mind fleshing out someone else’s work;
  • Can give and take constructive feedback;
  • Has a strong sense of craft in both strategic and tactical realms;
  • Can easily work across core disciplines (research, strategy, positioning, content development, plan development and implementation) and loves to play and improve;
  • Has client whisperer skills and is always at the ready to run a meeting or initiate important conversations;
  • Has a strong understanding that modern marketing operates at the intersection of psychology, creativity and technology and has the chops with tools of the trade to get shit done;
  • Can communicate like Winston and a whisky;
  • Is an organizing phenomena that can wrangle the biggest projects and the smallest parties with the same level of focus and joy.

About the gig

Responsible for holding the integrity of our promises to clients by translating strategy into effective marketing plans and assets, this role is a key driver to ensure the successful completion of projects and positive relationships with clients and vendors/partners.

This role specializes in on-message, on-brand and on-time planning and implementation in a way that builds and stewards brand positions. This includes research, client discovery, tactical marketing (traditional and digital), content planning and development, budgeting and client relations throughout the life of a project. Project execution and timelines are held sacred by this role, ensuring that the strategy delivers on its promise. This means asking critical questions and carrying the banner for solutions that make practical, real-world sense, as well as overseeing their implementation. 

Key responsibilities

  • Research, Discovery and Client Connections;
  • Translation of strategy into implementation plans and key driver of implementation to build brands and communities;
  • Key author of content, in partnership with special team subject matter experts;
  • Stewardship of visual, verbal and experiential elements of client brands; Collaborative partner of creative and technical team members; Overall project management, communications and client relations, including the organization of related moving parts like deadlines, budgets, vendor relationships, leadership of project special teams and problem solving.

Skills and expertise

  • Min. 3-5 years progressive experience in the marketing-communications space; 
  • Killer copywriting skills from the development of a compelling core position and emotional blog posts to remarkable headlines;
  • Project or account management experience where relationships are key;
  • Desire and skills to manage 700 priorities at once (seriously);
  • Ability to work with a Fortune500 in the morning, and a near and dear non-profit in the afternoon, is an asset;
  • Working collaboratively with other passionate marketing professionals is your jam;
  • Above all, you have an unrelenting commitment to excellence on behalf of the brands, causes and communities that put their trust and confidence in us.


  • We work in the downtown core, with the best restaurants and shops only steps away;
  • Healthy lunches, snacks and other goodies are supplied and plentiful;
  • Modern displays, Mac hardware, stand-up desks and ergonomic chairs are the office standard;
  • We listen to bad [ass] music, but drink good tea, coffee, kombucha (on tap), whiskey & wine;
  • We have a culture coach and we take that action seriously.

Sounds rad, how do I apply?

Kick off Phase 1 of getting to know you by writing to us outlining why you and your marketing chops matter and fire it off here

Persuasive is good. Almost everything else is bad. Include samples of your previous work if you’ve got it. That said, we’re just as interested in how you think as we are in your finished product. 

Application Close Date: August 30th, 2019

About sagecomm

sagecomm is a strategic marketing and communications provider specializing in brand, service and cause positioning, marketing strategy and community engagement.

Our work is rooted in a strategy-first approach, supported by a foundation of market research, audience-focused design, and a high-touch client relationship model that helps our clients matter more.

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