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Speak To The Snowflakes

By: Nathalie Noel, adHOME Creative We’re all unique snowflakes. We each have different needs and are at different stages of our lives. The same is true of our customers and clients. Some are tried and true regulars. Others are newbies who are just dipping their toes in what we have to offer. We know this,…

Happy IABC New Year

Welcome to another new year for IABC London. The 2014-2015 schedule is taking shape and is packed with fantastic new events and great new student initiatives. I encourage you join us and to bring a colleague so that they too can see what makes IABC London a leading chapter in Canada. I’m pleased to introduce…

Monetizing Social Media = Opportunities for Communicators

By: Mark Brown, Partner, adHOME The conversation around social media has shifted as major platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, have made the transition from private to public companies. Their imperative now is to monetize their platforms and drive quarterly results. This shift presents new opportunities for communicators and marketers to target millions of social media…