Certification Program

The Global Communication Certification Council (GCCC) has introduced two levels of professional certification for communication professionals:

  1. The Communication Management Professional (CMP) designation is for generalist, specialist and other business communicators established in their careers and looking to demonstrate their competence. The CMP signifies a commitment to strategic, ethical, and excellent communication practice for professionals with at least 5 to 10 years experience.
  2. The Strategic Communication Management Professional (SCMP) designation is for highly skilled business communicators practiced in providing strategic communication advice and counselling to an organization’s leadership.

Both levels of certification are open to both members and non-members of IABC.

IABC London is proud to celebrate these members who have achieved the CMP and SCMP designations:

Matthew Clarke, CMP – October 2017
Adina Chirita, CMP – April 2019
Fred DeVries, CMP – April 2017
Laura Dockstader, SCMP – April 2018
Kris Dundas, ABC, CMP – October 2016
Andrew Kazowski, CMP – April 2017
Maggie MacLellan, CMP – April 2019
Anthea Rowe, CMP – October 2016, SCMP – June 2017
Liisa Sheldrick, CMP – April 2017
Jacqueline Sullivan, ABC, CMP – June 2016

How do I apply for Certification?

Interested candidates must first complete an application then write an examination to achieve certification. Once the certification designation is achieved, there is an ongoing requirement to maintain a minimum amount of professional development, as well an annual fee.

Credentials and examination questions are based on the Global Standard of the Communication Profession developed by a Career Road Map Committee appointed by IABC International. The Global Standard states:

Communication professionals around the world embrace a shared career purpose and six core principles as the building blocks of their work. Informed by our passion for engaging audiences with strategic communication, our purpose and principles focus our work and form a global standard. Applying that standard enables us to cross all borders, align with diverse cultures and effectively serve organizations of all types and sizes.

The six core principles are:


View the full details on the application process and download the candidate handbooks on the Global Communication Certification Council Website.


Application fee (IABC members): US$100
Application fee (non-members): US$400
Examination fee (all): US$400
Maintenance fee (all): US$100 annually

Key Differences between Certification and the former Accreditation Program

  • open to both members and non-members of IABC
  • there will be four levels of certification available (by 2018-19), one available to more junior practitioners, the CMP, and two designations at the strategic/leader level
  • there is no longer a portfolio submission and evaluation required
  • application requires a minimum of 40 hours of professional development within the past two years (can be a combination of formal training, judging, volunteer leadership for IABC, teaching, attendance at IABC PD events and other forms of professional development activities)
  • The SCMP requires an additional level of community leadership, volunteer or pro-bono work, as well as a deeper level of experience
  • examinations adhere to ISO standards and will only be available at designated times and locations as set by the Global Certification Council
  • examinations no longer include an oral presentation component
  • maintenance of the designation requires documented ongoing professional development activities and an annual fee of US$100

Where can I get more information or apply?

Details on the application, including fees and candidate handbooks, are available on the GCCC website at http://gcccouncil.org/about-gccc-certifications/

You can also contact Past President, Megan Zinn at mailto:iabclondonpastprez@gmail.com

IABC Accreditation Program

IABC Accreditation – the “ABC” or Accredited Business Communicator designation – was the professional standard of excellence for 40 years. IABC London is proud to count among its ranks 14 members who have acquired the ABC designation. Out of 15,000 members worldwide, only about 5% are Accredited Business Communicators. Congratulations to these ABC leaders who uphold the highest standards in strategic communications. You make our community proud.

IABC London ABCs

Angela Abdallah, ABC
Michelle Boyer, ABC
Keith Brooks, ABC
Diny Dalby, ABC, MC*
Kris Dundas, ABC
Sandra King Webster, ABC
Julie Maltby, ABC
Keith Marnoch, ABC
Michele Martin, ABC
Jo Ann Johnston, ABC
Maureen Spencer-Golovchenko, ABC
Jacqueline Sullivan, ABC
Janis Wallace, ABC
Rob Way, ABC

IABC International welcomed its final class of practitioners to acquire the ABC in September 2013. A new certification program is now available to communications professionals.

*The Master Communicator (MC) designation is the highest distinction bestowed upon an IABC member in Canada. For more on the MC visit http://canada.iabc.com/awards/master-communicator/

What happens for those with the ABC designation?

ABCs will retain the ABC designation (under current requirements) and the organization will continue to recognize this substantial professional achievement.

Some ABCs may want to also earn the new certification credential. A price incentive for ABCs to participate in the new Certification program is in place indefinitely.

For More Information:

Contact Past President, Megan Zinn at mailto:iabclondonpastprez@gmail.com