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Board Responsibilities

As a general consideration, it is anticipated all Board Directors will enthusiastically:

  • Promote IABC and champion its brand wherever possible
  • Attend monthly Executive Board meetings
  • Welcome non-members to Chapter activities
  • Participate as a decision-making member of the Executive Board
  • Prepare and submit an annual budget to the Treasurer, where applicable
  • Ensure the Executive Committee is fully informed on a timely basis of all planned activities
  • Recruit a committee for tasks, as needed
  • Submit periodic articles and educational information to Connect newsletter and website
  • Maintain all portfolio information in an organized way to pass along to a successor
  • Ensure updated chapter reference material is posted to the Board internet
  • Train a successor at the appropriate time

Board terms begin as of July 1. Certain co-chaired portfolios would be best served by two-year terms to ensure appropriate succession planning.

Role Descriptions


The Executive Committee is responsible for the strategic direction of IABC London and is collectively authorized to make decisions on behalf of the entire Board. Actions of the Executive Committee shall be reported by email or at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting. 

Candidates for IABC London Executive Board shall be selected by a Board Selection Committee consisting of the Past President, the President, and up to three members appointed by the President.



The President of IABC London serves as the chapter’s chief executive officer and primary spokesperson. The President presides over all board meetings; proposes policies and practices for the chapter; monitors the performance of Directors and Liaisons; appoints members to committees as required; and performs other duties as need arises and/or as defined in the bylaws.

The President shall also serve as a chapter delegate to IABC International and to the board of the IABC Canada East Region, attending Canada East Region quarterly meetings (in-person or via teleconference).

Time Commitment: 15-20 hours / month



The President-Elect acts in a supportive role to the President. This position can also preside over board meetings in the absence of the President. Note that this role does not guarantee succession to President. As President-Elect, this role can also oversee a specific portfolio (in addition to their participation on the Executive Committee).

Time Commitment: 10-15 hours / month


Past President

The Past President chairs the Nominating Committee, represents the chapter as Senior Delegate of IABC London to IABC International, and performs other duties as may be required.

Automatic succession to this role after serving as chapter president.

Time Commitment: 3-5 hours / month


Director, Finance

This director role ensures that IABC London operates in a fiscally responsible manner.


  • Oversee the development and approval of IABC London’s annual operating budget. Final budget to be approved by the Board within 90 days of the start of the fiscal year.
  • Maintain IABC London bank accounts, records and cheque delivery.
  • Monitor financial standing of chapter and provide regular financial updates at board
  • meetings
  • Monitor director expenses and associated processes to ensure adherence to policies and
  • ethical use of chapter funds.
  • Collaborate with other portfolio directors to ensure ongoing management of portfolio budgets.
  • Submit annual chapter financial report to IABC each February.
  • File necessary financial reports, audits and statements as required.
  • Train successor to this role.
  • Prepare a financial statement for the Annual General Meeting of IABC London.


  • Experience in budget and financial management.
  • Knowledge of accounting best practices or a willingness to learn.

Time Commitment: 3-5 hours / month




Director, Communications

With a large portfolio and several reporting liaisons, the Director, Communications, is responsible for consistent, on-brand and effective promotion and marketing of IABC London and relevant IABC Canada or International news and updates. Communication channels include social media (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter), the IABC London website and monthly Connect enewsletter.


  • Ensure members receive accurate information about chapter and IABC news and events
  • Develop and monitor an annual Editorial Calendar for chapter communications
  • Maintain brand consistency throughout all media and marketing channels
  • Prepare media releases to promote upcoming events
  • Assist in communicating upcoming activities and events to members
  • Nurture relationships with local media and explore opportunities to provide articles, expertise where appropriate
  • Arrange interviews and speaking engagements for chapter leaders with interested groups
  • Maintain media contact list and accurate records of activities
  • Develop vendors’ directory (including paid advertising)
  • Prepare annual budget for communication activities
  • Work closely with chapter portfolios to gain web content, articles, etc. for IABC London communications, and with chapter administrator on email distribution.
  • Prepare monthly portfolio report, to be presented at IABC London board meetings
  • Train successor and oversee Communication Liaisons (~5 volunteers)


  • Work experience at a strategic communications level
  • Ability to multi-task and manage several deadlines at once
  • Exceptional writer and editor; connections with local media
  • Proficient digital acumen: social media, email marketing, website usability
  • Established people and project management skills

Time Commitment: 10-15 hours / month


Director, Sponsorship

As the Director, Sponsorship this role oversees the management and performance of the chapter’s sponsorship portfolio and works to develop and nurture relationships with vendors, volunteers and other local stakeholders.


  • Work with board to determine sponsorship needs and develop a realistic annual budget.
  • Develop a master sponsorship plan that includes sponsorship goals, monetary and in-kind needs, amounts and /or services and companies to approach.
  • Create scalable proposals to ensure best content/audience fit for prospects.
  • Develop a communication plan and supporting materials to relay available sponsorship opportunities to members and local companies.
  • Develop signed agreements for every sponsor (in-kind and monetary) that outlines the relationship, payment due date, benefits and cancellation terms.
  • Develop a tracking system to ensure that all contract deliverables are timely and complete.
  • Prepare monthly portfolio report, to be presented at IABC London board meetings.
  • Meet with potential partners and pitch sponsorship opportunities.
  • Train successor and oversee Sponsorship Liaison.


  • Established relationships with area vendors and local companies
  • Ability to cold-call organizations for potential sponsorship
  • Knowledge of budgeting and finance management

Time Commitment: 5-10 hours / month


Director, Membership

The Director, Membership has the primary responsibility of recruiting and retaining IABC London members.


  • Implement activities to welcome new and renewing members, in collaboration with the President.
  • Support a high level of customer service, ensuring member inquiries are acknowledged and addressed in a timely manner.
  • Develop and execute strategic initiatives to attract and retain members. Include support of “Membership Months” and other promotional activities offered through IABC internationally
  • In collaboration with other portfolios, marketing and promotional activities targeted to potential and existing members
  • Develop and execute strategic initiatives for member outreach and engagement
  • Implement activities to acknowledge ongoing and long-term members, including member anniversaries.
  • Promote member value and benefits.
  • Maintain and report membership information and trends to the Board.
  • Prepare and adhere to annual budget for membership activities.
  • Monitor, survey and represent the members’ needs to the Board.
  • Support board members in engaging chapter members and acting as membership
  • champions in the community.
  • Prepare monthly portfolio report, to be presented at IABC London board meetings
  • Train successor to this role


  • Exceptional interpersonal skills.
  • Comfortable interacting with members at all levels of the chapter.
  • Ability to engage stakeholders and establish relationships with new members.

Time Commitment: 8-10 hours / month


Director, Professional Development (x2)

The co-chairs of IABC London’s Professional Development portfolio manage the annual learning and networking events for the chapter.


  • Develop, plan and execute professional development activities for the term September through June.
  • Source speakers / panelists for professional development activities; identify and connect with industry professionals that can provide learning opportunities for the IABC London membership.
  • Source venue / catering as required for professional development activities.
  • Promote professional development activities via the IABC London website and social media channels, working closely with appropriate liaisons.
  • Attend monthly professional development activities; welcome event guests, introduce and thank event speakers.
  • Coordinate with Website Liaison to ensure that professional development activities are posted online.
  • Coordinate with Chapter Administrator to ensure that professional development activities are posted to Eventbrite (event registration system).
  • Develop and manage annual portfolio budget in a fiscally responsible manner.
  • Collaborate with other portfolios to plan and execute the editorial calendar / theme for the term.
  • Prepare monthly portfolio report, to be presented at IABC London board meetings.
  • Recruit and manage a portfolio committee; host monthly meetings with committee.
  • Train successor(s) to this role.


  • Knowledge of the communications / public relations / marketing industry an asset
  • Eager, organized and attends to detail
  • Willingness to learn and work as part of a team

Time Commitment: 5-8 hours / month (per Director)


Director, Awards

Working with the gala director, this role is responsible for the execution of the chapter’s awards program that recognizes excellence in local communications work.


  • Plan and manage the promotion, judging and distribution of the annual Virtuoso Awards, Outstanding Communicator Award and IABC London Education Award.
  • Work with Sponsorship Director to confirm sponsorship of the student awards.
  • Work with the Communications Director and related liaisons to promote the awards and encourage submissions.
  • Develop call for entries and manage the award submission process.
  • Recruit volunteers for Judging panels; organize applicable Judging events.
  • Develop annual “How to Apply” marketing tactics, e.g. workshop, video.
  • Work with Student Liaisons to secure student award applicants.
  • Recruit and manage volunteers to help promote and execute the awards program


  • Experience with communications planning and project-based awards program
  • Experience with finance management and budgeting
  • Significant attention to detail

Time Commitment: 20 hours / month (increases as award season begins)


Director, Awards Celebration

Together with the awards director, the gala director will effectively manage the year-end awards celebration, the region’s premier event recognizing exceptional communications work.


  • Oversee the planning, branding and execution of the annual awards gala.
  • Recruit and manage a volunteer committee to promote and execute the event.
  • Work with the Sponsorship Director to secure in-kind and cash sponsorship for the event.
  • Assign and delegate event roles and duties to event committee members, including communications, media relations, social media and sponsorship/
  • Coordinate gala-related communications with Director, Communications and appropriate liaisons


  • Strong organization and project management skills
  • Seasoned people and/or volunteer manager
  • Experience with event planning and execution is critical

Time Commitment: 20 hours / month (primarily Dec to June)


Director, Certification

The Director, Certification promotes and keeps the IABC London membership abreast of the Communications Management Professional Certification program. This Director also maintains a close working relationship with the chapter’s most senior members, including those with the former Accredited Business Communicator (ABC) program designation.


Promote the new Communications Management Professional Certification program

  • Act as a liaison for members and non-members to the Global Communications Certification Council
  • Ensure members receive timely and accurate information about Communications Management
  • Professional Certification program exam dates and locations
  • Connect and engage with IABC London’s Accredited Business Communicators (ABCs) and other senior professionals in the region
  • Prepare monthly portfolio report, to be presented at IABC London board meetings
  • Train successor to this role.


  • Holds an Accredited Business Communicator (ABC) or Communications Management Professional Certification (CMP).
  • Comfortable interacting with members at all levels of the chapter

Time Commitment: 3-5 hours / month




The IABC London Secretary plays an integral role in chapter management and is responsible for the effective maintenance of administrative communications and reporting, such as Meeting Minutes and Dashboard Reports as well as the chapter Annual Report.


  • Organize monthly IABC London Executive Board meetings.
  • Take minutes, track attendance for board meetings.
  • Contact directors in advance to notify them of the date and time of upcoming meetings.
  • Send agenda, previous month’s minutes and dashboard to directors prior to meetings.
  • Collect and incorporate feedback for the minutes and integrate each portfolio’s additions to the dashboard.
  • Gain approval for the previous month’s minutes at every Executive Board meeting.
  • Working with the President, plan and execute the chapter’s Annual General Meeting in June.


  • Attention to detail and grammar skills are a must
  • Board management experience
  • Experience with AGM planning is an asset

Time Commitment: 5-7 hours / month


Chapter Administrator

This is the only paid role for IABC London. It is a part-time contract, renewed on an annual basis with a local service provider. The Chapter Administrator works closely with all portfolio directors to ensure effective and timely email communications are disseminated to the member network.


  • Maintain the member database, including active members on the IABC London email distribution list.
  • Create Chapter events in Eventbrite. Monitor event registrations for correct payments, and provide regular updates on registrations to Professional Development.
  • Coordinate distribution of all broadcast emails to IABC London distribution list.
  • Maintain email accounts and passwords for board roles and website logins and passwords for IABC assets such as the website, Virtuoso website, event registration platforms, Flickr account, etc.
  • Monitor and respond to the General Inquiries email account for IABC London.
  • Daily monitoring and active engagement in the administration of IABC London’s social media channels,in partnership with the Communication Director.
  • Support the President and the Executive Committee in chapter administration such as coordinating board meetings, sending board correspondence, and maintaining accurate contact lists for Board members.


  • Attention to detail.
  • The ability to respond to inquiries within 24 hours.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office and Google products (Gmail, Sheets, Drive).

Time Commitment: 10-12 hours / month ($350 per month salary)



Liaisons play a critical role in the success of IABC London. Liaisons work with a Director to manage the implementation and general operation of portfolio elements.


Job Board Liaison

This role solicits job postings from local employers and publishes them to communicators in the local community. The position reports to the President-Elect, working with them to develop outreach plans for soliciting new roles and stewarding local companies. This position also works closely with members of the Communications team to publish new jobs and with the chapter administrator to process and track payments.

Time Commitment: 4 hours / month


Web Liaison

Reporting to the Director, Communications and working with other communication liaisons, this volunteer role ensures the chapter website is functioning and content is up to date. The Web Liaison supports ongoing maintenance of the chapter website. This role requires proficiency in HTML, CSS and a good understanding of WordPress.

Time Commitment: 3-5 hours / month


Content Liaison

Managing the social media channels for IABC London, the Social Media Liaison is responsible for posting and sharing appropriate content on the chapter’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. This role works closely with all portfolio directors to ensure the latest information and updates are broadcasted to the community.

Time Commitment: 5-7 / month


Design Liaison

Responsible for the creation of visuals for email marketing and web design, e.g. headers and website banners.

Time Commitment: 5 hours / month


Editor, Connect Newsletter

This position is responsible for the development of Connect, the monthly email newsletter for IABC London. Working with the Director, Communications and the chapter administrator, this liaison role secures and compiles written articles for publication in the newsletter.

Time Commitment: 5-7 / month


Community Liaison

Working alongside the other members of the Professional Development committee, the Community Liaison is responsible for assisting with the planning, development and execution of all PD events, including event themes, event logistics, event promotion, event registration and event attendee feedback.

Time Commitment: 5 hours / month


Student Liaisons

A Student Liaison has the primary responsibility of recruiting and retaining IABC London student members.


  • Champion IABC London to student peers.
  • Represent student interests to the Board.
  • Working with the Director Membership, develop and execute strategic initiatives for student member outreach and engagement.
  • Take the lead in encouraging student participation at IABC London events, such as: Virtuoso and monthly professional events
  • Promote student member value and benefits
  • Attend monthly IABC London Board meetings and events where students are present.
  • Support board members in engaging student members and act as student membership champion in the community.


  • Recent student graduate from a communications, public relations or related program
  • High level of professionalism
  • Ability to engage stakeholders and establish relationships with other student members

Time Commitment: 5-7 hours / month