IABC London

IABC/London is a community and resource committed to investing in our members’ future, supporting career growth and elevating our profession. Our priorities serve the breadth of our membership and the needs of our profession.

Founded in October 1979, IABC/London encompasses a network of members who work or study communications, marketing, and creative services. IABC/London members represent a diverse range of professional experience, educational background and fields of expertise.

The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) inspires and demands the highest professional standard of quality, innovation and integrity in organizational communication. Providing professional communicators with the tools they need to manage communication today in an effective and integrated manner by sharing and applying the world’s most effective communications practices.

IABC Canada

IABC Canada represents more than 4,500 members across the country, organized into 14 chapters that are part of an international network of more than 16,000 fellow communications practitioners in more than 70 countries around the world.

A Few Facts About IABC in Canada:

  • Canadian members of IABC make up 29 percent of IABC members around the world.
  • Canada boasts three of the largest IABC chapters in the world! The IABC/Toronto Chapter has more than 1,600 members, followed by IABC/Calgary with approximately 650 members and IABC/BC with 625 members.
  • IABC Headquarters in San Francisco manages an annual competition of IABC best practices called the Chapter Management Awards. In 2013, IABC Montreal board member, Sharon Hunter was named Chapter Leader of the Year, and IABC/BC, IABC/Toronto, IABC/Ottawa, IABC/Regina were all Excellence Award winners in a variety of categories.

For more information, visit Canada.iabc.com