2017-2018 Annual Report

Business Acumen. Comms Skills.

Chapter Goals 2017-2018

  • Balance budget for third year in a row (Finance)
  • Create IABC London annual report (Exec)
  • Increase digital readership (Comms)
  • Increase # applications for Outstanding Communicator (Awards)
  • Establish metrics to track employer outcomes (Job Board)
  • Achieve 100% uptake of sponsor benefits (Sponsorship)
  • Establish a personalized Member Welcome program (Membership)
  • Increase attendance of non-communicators and members at events (PD)
  • Attract students to IABC (as attendees or volunteers) from non-core programs (PD – Community Relations)
  • Host CMP exam in October and host CMP and SCMP exams in April (Certification)

Job Board




2 Exams

2 New SCMPs

1 New CMP

London has 5% of CMPs, SCMPs worldwide!

Pink > London, Ontario
Blue > Global Certified


We have strong support from long-term sponsors

These local orgs support communicators

Professional Development

Events attracted as many non-members as members

Thank you to our PD volunteers!

Katy Boychuck, Community Liaison
Maria Galicia, Community Liaison
Kelsey Stanczyk, Community Liaison

Amanda Fletcher, Professional Development Co-Chair
Megan Cornwell, Professional Development Co-Chair


IABC awards recognize individuals, projects, students

Virtuoso gains 6 new orgs, judges across North America

Outstanding Communicator Award attracts stellar nominees and finalists

Entries declined but reception attendance grew 28%

Thank you to our Awards Committee volunteers

Diana Cunningham, Director, Awards
Ashleigh Gough, Director, Celebration

Committee Members:
Courtney Morgan
Miranda Scotland
Kate Russell
Robert DeLaet
Katrina Munro
Jessica Bonin
Kelsey Stanczyk

Candace Campbell
Lindsay Couture
Denika Marion
Marianne Levogiannis
Taylor Rummell
Matthew Overall
Sandra Gowdy
Megan Vandekerckhove
Amrita Bindra 
Michelle Paonessa




86 of 142 members (61%) are professionals

2017-2018 Members

IABC London 2017-2018 Board of Directors

Financial Report 2017-2018